Cloud Pet Burial & Cremation Kit.

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Cloud Animals Includes / Features:
Memorial Marker
Ceremony Guide
Pillow Note Pocket
Name Label
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Cocoon Pet Burial & Cremation Kit

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Cloud Animals Includes / Features:
Memorial Marker
Living Memorial Card
Ceremony Guide
Name Label
Mandala Shroud
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Selamat Jalan Manis Ceremony

SJM Items Includes / Features:
Regal Wraps
Hand Crafted Ceremonial Adornments
Memorial Umbrella
Keepsake Album

Keepsake Album

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Name Tags
Pages for Photos
Pages for Notes & Special Memories
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A Sweet Goodbye Kit and Farewell Ceremony will help you and your family care for your beloved best friend with dignity when they have passed away.

It is a unique way to honour their life, prepare them for their final journey and help you come to terms with the loss of your very special friend. For children especially, a pet brings so much joy and companionship, saying goodbye is never easy. Understanding that our furry friends aren’t with us forever is a hard life lesson and being prepared goes a long way towards minimising the impact when that time comes.

Unique burial and farewell kits

Sweet Goodbye offers three unique kinds of Burial and Farewell Kits suitable for burial or cremation of very small furry friends up to very large dogs. They were designed and developed by avid pet lovers, with veterinary industry support, to meet the growing need of pet owners to be able to care for our pets the same way that we do for our humans. Each kit comes with everything you need at the final stage to plan a ceremony at home or with your veterinarian and prepare a beloved pet for their final journey. These handmade kits are produced using natural materials and are specially designed to take care of your pet and help you deal with this most difficult time without regret. 

Comfort for you and your family

Our kits will help to ensure a smooth transition and provide great comfort to you and your family while keeping your pet safe and snug. Your beloved companion will be cosy and protected from the elements in our eco-friendly Cocoon and Cloud or regal Balinese shrouds. They can be safely enclosed, lifted and transported to their final resting place giving you the peace of mind you need. 

The Greater Good

The majority of Sweet Goodbye products are manufactured in Nepal and Bali, and we are focussed on adhering to the 10 Principles of Fair Trade prescribed by the World Fair Trade organisation. When you purchase a Sweet Goodbye product you are assisting family businesses in third world countries; assured that natural, biodegradable materials are used wherever possible; and supporting charities that focus on animal welfare.

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For Little Friends

For mice, rats, birds and guinea pigs through to small cats and petite dogs.


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For Furry Friends

Sweet Goodbye Kit for large cats through to extra-large dogs.



Our Story

Find out how the loss of our beloved friend, Nikita, along with the support of a kind-hearted Balinese farmer began the journey that become ‘Sweet Goodbye'.



What Our Supporters Say

“Beautiful Cocoon Blanket (10 y/o 185 pound Newfoundland) I can not tell you how happy I was with this. It’s hard to put our fur babies to rest but this by far gave us comfort!! Delivery great,... Read More


‘We recently had to put our 14 year old dog Elroy to sleep after he was unwell.
I always thought what would I do if my husband was not home (as he works away a lot), how would I be able to carry... Read More

Regina and Brad
Western Australia

“Love the concept and product!”
“We have given 3 out to special clients, 2 home burials and one to wrap the ashes in. They have all really liked them”
“Love the Guidebook”

Busselton Heritage Vets

”Our pets are our family and break our hearts when they leave us. Sweet Goodbye’s burial kit will provide our furry friends with a caring and dignified send off - it is such a lovely idea and so... Read More

“The site looks amazing! What a wonderful thing you are doing – I had tears well up reading about your beautiful fur babies and seeing their photos and the story of how it all has evolved.
Well... Read More

“Zulu has been my guide dog since he was 18 months old. At the age of 12 and a half he became desperately ill completely unexpected. I had to make the difficult decision to do what was best for... Read More

Peter and Barbara
Perth WA

“Hi Nat, My names Nic (Nicola) I work at Dunsborough vets and have been for the last 11 years as a nurse/groomer. I hope you don't mind me PMing you, but my beautiful sweet girl - Trixie - got put... Read More


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Address: Unit 9, Dunn Bay Centre, 31-33 Dunn Bay Rd, Dunsborough Western Australia 6281, Australia

Phone: +61 438 88 3311


Proudly Supporting

'Sweet Goodbye' have a special place in their hearts for all animals. We share part profits with charities we believe share our values and philosophies regarding the care and treatment of all our furry friends.

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